Electric Choice - What It Means for You

Texas Electric Choice, also commonly referred to as Power to Choose, is an online platform that serves as a one-stop resource for electricity consumers in the state of Texas. The website, powertochoose.org, is operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and is designed to provide consumers with information and options regarding their electricity service.

The purpose of Texas Electric Choice is to promote a competitive retail electricity market by allowing consumers to compare and choose from a wide range of retail electricity providers (REPs) that operate within the state. The platform aims to empower consumers by giving them the ability to make informed decisions about their electricity provider and pricing plans.

Key Features and Benefits of  Electric or Power to Choose:

  1. Provider Comparison: Power to Choose allows consumers to compare various electricity providers based on factors such as pricing, contract terms, renewable energy offerings, customer reviews, and additional services. This feature enables consumers to assess and choose the provider that best suits their needs and preferences.

  2. Pricing Plans: The platform provides consumers with access to a variety of pricing plans offered by different REPs. These plans include fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, time-of-use plans, and indexed plans. The availability of multiple pricing options allows consumers to select a plan that aligns with their budget and electricity usage patterns.

  3. Transparency: Power to Choose aims to promote transparency in the retail electricity market by providing consumers with detailed information about each plan and provider. This includes contract terms, fees, renewable energy content, and historical pricing data. The platform encourages providers to provide accurate and up-to-date information to facilitate informed decision-making.

  4. Consumer Education: The website offers educational resources and tools to help consumers understand the complexities of the electricity market, including explanations of terms and concepts, guides on choosing a plan, and tips for managing energy consumption. This information empowers consumers to make well-informed choices and maximize their understanding of the electricity market.

  5. Regulation and Oversight: Power to Choose operates under the regulatory oversight of the PUCT, which ensures that the information provided by electricity providers on the platform is accurate and compliant with regulatory standards. The PUCT also handles consumer complaints and mediates disputes between consumers and providers.

Challenges and Criticisms:

  1. Complexity and Confusion: Some consumers have reported difficulties navigating the Power to Choose website due to its complex interface and the abundance of options. The presence of various pricing plans, fees, and terms can make it challenging for consumers to compare offers accurately and make informed decisions.

  2. Market Manipulation: Critics argue that the platform may be susceptible to deceptive marketing practices by some electricity providers. There have been instances of providers advertising low introductory rates or concealing additional fees, leading to unexpected price hikes for consumers.

  3. Limited Consumer Protection: While the platform provides information and resources, there have been concerns about the level of consumer protection provided. Some consumers have reported challenges in resolving disputes or obtaining adequate support when experiencing issues with their chosen electricity provider.


Power to Choose, also known as Texas Electric Choice, is an online platform operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas that offers consumers in Texas the ability to compare and select their electricity provider. It aims to promote a competitive retail electricity market by providing information and options to consumers. While the platform offers benefits such as provider comparison, pricing plan options, and transparency, challenges and criticisms remain, including complexity, market manipulation concerns, and limited consumer protection. Ongoing efforts to address these issues are necessary to ensure that Texas Electric Choice continues to serve as an effective resource for electricity consumers in the state.


Retail Electric Providers vs. Utilities in Texas

A retail electric provider (REP) or supplier will buy power on the wholesale market and sells it to customers. The utility (TDSP) is still responsible for delivering energy to your home, tracking your energy usage and maintaining the electric wires. With a choice of retail electric providers in one market, competition is possible that would not be with a single utility selling power to homes and businesses.

Which Texas Electricity Plan Should I Choose?

Energy choice gives Texans the opportunity to purchase an electric plan that works for them. A fixed-rate plan includes signing a contract and is ideal for those looking to lock in the price per kilowatt hour to have energy budget certainty. Variable rate plans are on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract but leave you open to price fluctuations.

Types of Electricity Plans to Choose From in Texas

There are two popular types of electricity plans in Texas:

Fixed-rate electricity plans:

Customers lock in the price per unit of energy for the duration of the contract. In other words, you pay a fixed price for each kilowatt hour regardless of when you use it. These plans can protect you from price fluctuations due to demand, seasonality, and other factors beyond your control.

Power to Choose - Variable-rate electricity plans:

The price per kilowatt hour can change on a variable rate plan. That means you may pay more for power during periods of high demand, such as a hot Texas summer. Variable-rate plans usually run month-to-month which may make it difficult to estimate or budget for your energy costs.

How are Electricity Rates Calculated?

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), which is a figure that corresponds to the kilowatts used by an electric device or appliance in an hour. Your monthly electric bill reflects the number of kilowatt hours used multiplied by the rate per kilowatt hour. Read your provider’s EFL, or Electricity Facts Label, for detailed information about your rates per kWh. What’s a kilowatt? It’s simply another name for 1,000 watts of electricity. You can learn more about kilowatt hours by reading our Understanding Energy Costs and Bill page.

Considerations when shopping for an electric provider:

  1. Your service area. In a state as large as Texas, a retail electric provider may not offer services in every town or city.
  2. Cost per kilowatt hour (kWh). Electricity use is measured in kilowatt hours, or kWh, and this is how your provider will share their rate.
  3. Fixed-rate plans. You can lock in the price per unit of energy by signing up for a fixed-rate plan. This guards against energy price fluctuations due to market forces such as demand.
  4. Additional costs and fees. Your new energy provider should disclose costs and fees before you sign up for service. Pay attention so that you can get a good estimate of what your monthly electricity costs will be and how they compare to what you’re currently paying.
  5. Reputation. It’s always a good idea to perform your due diligence when purchasing any product, and the same is true when choosing an electricity supplier in Texas.

Switching Texas Electricity Providers

  1. Check the terms of your current contract. You can sign up with a different electric retail provider at any time; however, you may be charged an early termination fee, or ETF, if you switch suppliers before your current contract ends. Check your original agreement to see when you can opt out of your service without having to pay a fee.
  2. Evaluate your energy needs. Your electricity consumption will vary based on the size of your home and family. Other variables, such as the efficiency of appliances, can be harder to pin down. Review your previous energy bills to get a better understanding of your average monthly usage. Knowing your energy needs can help you choose the best electric plan for you.
  3. Sign Up. Visit our Residential Sign up page to get started. You can also call us at the to free number to speak to a representative.

Choosing a New Electricity Provider When Moving in Texas

When you move into a new apartment or house in Texas, you can choose your electricity provider. You may be able to keep your existing contract if the new address falls within the company’s service area. If not, you’ll need to make a choice. The process is like that described above, with one major exception: there are no early termination fees for canceling your retail electric contract if you provide proof you’ve moved.

Choosing a New Electricity Provider When Moving in Texas

When you move into a new apartment or house in Texas, you can choose your electricity provider. You may be able to keep your existing contract if the new address falls within the company’s service area. If not, you’ll need to make a choice. The process is like that described above, with one major exception: there are no early termination fees for canceling your retail electric contract if you provide proof you’ve moved.

Compare Electricity Companies with a Click of a Button

While our company isn’t an energy provider, we are your best source for comparing the providers in your area. Utilize the state-of-the-art tools we have available for you to work with and you will find it as easy as a few clicks of your mouse to find the best deal in town and begin the process of changing over your electric service.

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Power To Choose Electric rates are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice and are only final when a service agreement has been completed with your chosen electricity provider. Not all of the cities in our service areas have electric choice and our pricing is based on each area rates. 

All Electricity One, “Power to Choose” rates are gathered from the “Electricity Facts Label” of each retail electric provider. Please note that electricity service offers can be fixed or variable and that a variable rate may change throughout your contract. A fixed rate, however, is guaranteed for the term of a contract. This site is in no way associated with PowerToChoose.org which is operated by the PUC of The State Of Texas and has a limited and different choice of companies, rates and plans.

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